Building Gospel Bridges, Not Walls!


ザ.ブリッジ The Bridge LIVE @ Sonrise Cafe Tokyo | 2013年8月3日

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Hello Everyone!

Good day!  We believe in the power of fellowship in Christ, that through this fellowship we can get to know each other, build bridges between our lives, and discover new horizons we’ve never even imagined possible. To build fellowship, there is the need to gather, so here we are humbly inviting you to “The Bridge Live”, an event where you can have fellowship, and enjoy good music at the same time.  See below for more details.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Good music from:
1. Abe Band,
2. Hayakawa Trio,
3. Tsumagari Band, and
4. Akahane Band; and
5. Talk from Joey Zorina on “Grace vs. Karma.”

6.  Guest Artist:  Hmingpuia from India. 

DATE & TIME: August 3, 2013 18:00 – 21:00
PLACE: Sonrise Cafe Tokyo (池袋から東武東上線で3つ目の大山駅南口より徒歩3分)
ENTRY FEE: 500 Yen (fee will be collected at the entrance)

NOTE: To enable us to accommodate everyone properly, we would like to ask a favor to those who will be joining to set your status for this facebook event to “Going”.  The place can only accommodate around 40 people so it’ll be a first come first serve basis.

Hope to see you on the “The Bridge Live”!!! It will be a wonderful chance to have fellowship so please invite your friends. Thanks and God Bless!



期待:良いミュージック(Abe Band, Hayakawa Trio, Tsumagari Band, Akahane Band)とパワーフールメセージ(Joey Zorina, “Grace vs Karma”)
日付と時間: 2013年8月3日(土) 18:00 – 21:00
場所: Sonrise Cafe Tokyo (池袋から東武東上線で3つ目の大山駅南口より徒歩3分)
料金: 500 Yen (挨拶口で集めます)

参加する人のフェースブックスタテゥスを「Going」にしてください。場所は40人ぐらいしか入らないので、最初に登録した人を優先します。よろしくお願いします。「ザ・ブリッジLIVE」は良いフェローシップができる機会なので、是非友達を誘って参加してください。ありがとうございます。God Bless!


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